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"Hi Rod,

I want to thank you again for your excellent work on my 1962 Harmony Sovereign. It had been a longtime dream of mine to have it restored and my expectations were far exceeded!

While others have commented on the wonderful sound, I especially like the greatly improved playability. My guitar-playing sons give you two thumbs up!

Thank you Rod."


- Rich (re. 1962 Harmony Sovereign)

  North Bay, ON

"Hi Rod, it's been several weeks since I picked up my Guild after its major surgery. The guitar feels great and is back to being playable above the 5th fret.

I have had the guitar for 48 years and am so pleased to have the playability restored; it sounds as good as it ever did. It is comforting to know that when the time comes, I will be passing on a great instrument to the next generation.

I will pass on your contact info to anyone I know that needs work on any instrument."


- Stephen (re. Guild D25CH)

  Barrie, ON

Texted to Rod:

 "Couldn't put the Burny down all night. The EMG's sound great and it's playing better than ever after the setup. I really like the feel of the back of the neck now too, after the light sanding."


- Matt (re. Burny, model RLC60 - Les Paul copy)

  Rosseau, ON

"Hey Rod,

I used the Gibson J-45 on a session today. It sounded absolutely incredible!  The guitarist who played it was absolutely floored by the tone and the feel. I used one of my most expensive Neumann condenser microphones. Incredibly balanced tone.

You are the master!"

- Mike (re. Gibson J-45)

  Barrie, ON

"Rod, I'm loving the work you did on my J-185. It was a great guitar before. Now it's a dream guitar. Plays so effortless, sweet and true. The new nut and saddle are perfectly crafted and the fret-work is masterful! And I gotta say, that new tor-tis pickguard that you shaped and fitted is pretty dang gorgeous. The icing on the cake.

Great work and it's a pleasure to have met you. I'll be sending lots of work your way, both my own guitars and lots of friends. Thanks again!"

- Darrin Davis, Peacefully Productive Studios (re. Gibson J-185 )
  Orillia, ON

"Had the chance to play the guitar a bit last night. That's the best setup guitar I have ever had. It plays and sounds great! Even unplugged it's nice and loud for an electric. Thanks for doing such a top notch job!"
- Matt (re. Burny Les Paul)
  Rosseau, ON

“First off I want to state that I am real person and this is a real testimonial to my experience with Rod @ Get Rhythm Guitarworks. I also want to preface that I am extremely particular when it comes to tone and feel of either my studio gear or my instruments and I don’t normally write reviews.

So the beginning of my journey starts with me purchasing a left handed G&L ASAT Classic Tribute knowing that I was going to gut it in terms of pickups and electronics but had no idea how bad the neck was and there was some ground issues. I talked to a tech in my area who had worked on another guitar of mine previously and I just didn't get the feeling that I was being heard about what specifically I wanted with my guitar. I tune slightly sharp of A-440 and he told me with my other guitar that he worked on that I just make a few tweaks with the truss rod when I got home after he set it up to a-440 if I wanted it setup to that tuning. Well that didn’t quite work that way, it took a long time experimenting with gauges of strings, brands, adjusting the truss rod and tying other types of string material/construction to finally get the guitar to stay in tune!
So with this guitar knowing that the definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing and expecting different results… I decided to try someone new. I must say that I’m a very anxious person with CPTSD so even though a situation might not be to my liking I will stick with it due to familiarity in the past. I researched a lot of techs within a four hour radius of where I live. So reaching out to Rod was a huge leap of faith for myself; I haven’t had many good experiences with techs over the years whether it be my guitar, mics, or studio equipment in terms of dealing with their attitude and demeanour.
The first time I spoke to Rod we talked for about two hours, and it was a very pleasant conversation. He’s also a fellow lefty so there’s also some sort of “they get it” when I’m talking to another southpaw. I spoke to him about my guitar, and my needs for it. He never questioned me about not tuning it to A-440 in terms of a shaming/judgemental questioning why are you doing that; he was more inquisitive and interested in learning something new. He understood that there was a good reason for why it worked for me and why I wanted it done that way. I spoke to him about the tone I was after, and the pickups/wiring harness I bought so he understood the sound that I was going for with this tele.
He also has the right mindset to work with people. He recognizes that as a service provider it’s his job to please the customer and do what they need for their particular instrument because it’s such a personal relationship between the player and their instrument. He will make suggestions and such but at the end of the day it’s about to the customer. He genuinely cares, and is a great listener. He takes pride and has integrity in his work. From the website, to the sign out front of his house, to his dedicated shop, it’s all pro.
It was well worth the drive which was almost three hrs roundtrip with my dog in toe who has separation anxiety. The guitar is outstanding, the frets were a mess from the factory and he dressed, pressed and did his magic on them so the intonation and feel is fantastic. The work was very clean and he always kept me informed during the process of what was going on. I didn’t have to chase him which is nice. He gave me multiple options during the process to address issues that were coming up.
As long as he is working on guitars, I will be more than happy to make the drive and deal with a true craftsman and gentleman which is not something you can say about many people nowadays.
6 out of 5 five stars"

- Nick (re. G&L ASAT Classic Tribute)
  Simcoe County, ON

"Awesome experience. Rod came highly recommended from top notch guitarists. He took my Tele style kit/parts build I put together and made it sound amazing. A very talented craftsman. I'll be taking the rest of my guitar and future builds to him."

- Steve L. (re. Tele build )
  Huntsville, ON

"Rod did exactly what he said he would do...and he did it within the exact time frame he said he would meet and for the price he quoted me...I love the passion that Rod obviously has for the "art" of acoustic guitar and the art of the actual instrument itself. His knowledge and expertise becomes obvious when speaking to him and when I had him work on my Martin D28 guitar which is sooooooo precious to me. I knew by the way Rod handled the guitar and spoke about it that it was also precious to him...it's in his DNA!!!! 

You cannot get better than a true LUTHIER to work on your instrument and this is why I drove all the way from Collingwood to have him work on it...I trust him.. and he has not let me down...

I highly recommend this fine man if you want the best servicing and enhancement for your acoustic guitar...My D28 thanks you Rod and so do I! Porche's ad was "accept no substitutes" and that is how I feel about this Luthier Rod Jennings...he is not a hacker...he is not a wanna be...he is a true artist of guitar handling, repairing, enhancement...

Thanks so much Rod. Cheers,"

- Tim Fitzpatrick - artist "Timothy" (re. Martin D28 )
  Collingwood, ON

"Hi Rod,

Your quality of workmanship far exceeded my expectations. My 1962 Hummingbird looks great, feels great and sings like an Angel again. Thanks."

- Ken G. (re. 1962 Gibson Hummingbird)
  Etobicoke, ON

"Good morning Rod,

Would have messaged you earlier, but my hands were full - of Les Paul! Great set-up! Joy to play, pickups were a good choice. Love the guitar! The pretty girl actually has a great personality! Thanks again."

- Cory (re. Les Paul Supreme)
  Barrie, ON

"Hi Rod, You Rock!

When I started my search for a Luthier that could restore my Martin OM28V, Get Rhythm and your name kept coming up. People said "if you want to do it right get Rod to do the job". You brought my OM 28V to life...the top is mint perfect. Was worth the drive to Bracebridge  :)

Thank you for restoring my guitar and all the great advice. You are a true Luthier. I would recommend you without any hesitation. Thank you."

- Ralph (re. Martin OM 28V)
  Woodbridge, ON

"I recently took my ES339 CS in to Rod to look at the "funky" neck and fingerboard issues I was experiencing. I tried a couple of others, they seemed afraid to deal with it. Rod looked at it and within a few seconds he saw the root cause of the problem and had a plan of action already in his head. We discussed and I left it with him. I left his shop with a feeling of confidence and trust and I knew my guitar was in good hands. During the repair process I decided to spoil myself a bit and added some luscious jumbo frets and got Rod to upgrade my dot inlays to some nice blocks. Not only did he do a perfect job on the inlays, he came up with a simple and clever geometric design for the 12 fret that made this guitar "mine" and truly unique. Love it. All for the budget and on the time frame we discussed. I've already told all my music bros and anyone else who would listen. Highly recommend this guy, he loves his work and it shows in the level of quality he produces."

- Ted Hill  (re. Gibson Custom Shop 339)
  Orillia, ON

"Hi Everyone!
This is Rod's silent partner with a few words to say on his behalf. Rod is great at what he does. It's that simple! Please follow this link where he is featured in an article (December 2010 issue) for 'Sideroads of Muskoka Magazine', a magazine depicting 'who's making waves on the local scene: Muskoka's interesting people, histories and community events'. Another testimony to Rod's giftedness."

"Broken to Beautiful"

- Carlotta Jennings



Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for an amazing job. Every time I pick up the Taylor I am amazed at the improvement. It's never sounded sweeter. Even my wife has commented on the difference.


- M. Langdon (re. Taylor 514CE)
  Barrie, ON



"Hey Rod,
Such good news - he was speechless and emotional. He had no clue we were doing this. Haha, he thought the guitar was in the closet the whole time.. he loves the way it sounds and he's going to Music City to pick up a capo and picks, which is awesome.
So I thank you again and greatly appreciate everything you did for my dad."

- Andre  (re. restoration 12 string acoustic Gibson Hummingbird copy)
  Corbeil, ON


"Hi Rod,
I've been pounding and picking away at both of those guitars for a while and the strings are set/broken in now.The Yamaki may have sounded good before all the monkeying around with the nut and so on by other folks, but it is an absolute champion now; I don't remember it ever sounding so good. Its intonation is spot on perfect now. The Pearse strings may well be exactly the right ones for it as the GHS may have been too brilliant. I almost hate to say it, but I think I can rate the Yamaki as having a better clarity and tonality than the D-28 I had before.

I originally didn't think the D-42 could sound better and again I was wrong. Intonation is perfect all the way up and that weird off sound in the high 'E' is gone. The saddle seems to have balanced the sound from high to low without robbing any of the rich ambience and tonality. It's hard to believe that a change of saddle and saddle material could affect the sound so much. That old boy must have really pounded the hell out of the original...

Both guitars have a distinctly different sound from each other; I like them both. And I being the "fussy guy" that I am, you know I don't say that lightly!

Nice work, Rod! You really out did yourself on these..."

- Andy   (re. Yamaki AY313S and Martin D42)
  Stirling, ON


"Hi Rod
The Guitar is awesome. Thanks so much. Great job. I'll have to get the 6 string up to you soon."

- Ken  (re. Yamaha 12 string)
  Orillia, ON


"Thanks Rod. I've been playing your latest work tonight and it's perfect. Like having a brand new 1973 only brighter with the reduced finish. There is no buzz, so whatever you tweaked worked. The Squier is a lot of fun as well.

You've done such an amazing job on all of my guitars and it's inspired me to actually move my playing to another level.

Thanks again."

- John  (re. Martin D-35)
  Mactier, ON


"Rod, you did a great job on my '82 black Strat. I am very happy."

- Randy Foster
  Gravenhurst, ON


"Greetings Rod:
Just wanted to send you a brief note to tell you how delighted I have been with my guitar since you worked your magic upon it. You have taken a good instrument and transformed it into a wonderful instrument. You truly are the Tone Wizard! The action is great, the sound a real pleasure. I did not know it could be this good!
Many thanks - well worth the drive to Bracebridge.

- Rorry   (re. Larrivee LV-09)
  Wasaga Beach, ON


"Good morning Rod,
Just wanted to take the time to say thank you once more for the tremendous job you did on my husband's banjo. He was absolutely thrilled when he saw it. He said it looked way better than he'd anticipated. It was easily apparent that you went above and beyond what was agreed upon. The pride in your work is certainly reflected in the results. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for guitar or banjo repair.

Have a very merry Christmas,"

- Melanie
  Severn Bridge, ON


"Hi Rod:
The mandolin sounds great, now it's just me that needs the tune up. As I expected, you did a quality job. There are few people that have the skill, talent, gift that you have been given. Many people have a tremendous gifts with their hands, but it's the selected few that can build, restore and craft musical instruments with such perfection as you. Blessings to you and Carlotta."

- Rusty
  Orillia, ON


"Thanks for the great work Rod!
That Seagull sounds and plays AMAZING now. I really liked it before, but now it blows me away. The work on the Cordoba was great too. I'm still getting used to it as it's so new, but it's nice to have it back and sounding like it should. I'm looking forward to buying some more guitars so I can bring them by.
Thanks again!"

- Matt
  Meaford, ON


I am astounded by your workmanship my friend. I brought you a Gretsch with so many issues I was fretful it would ever be a working guitar again. It was bought as a *project guitar* from the southern USA. Just the neck, body and wire harness. I amassed the original parts to complete the guitar but the entire binding had to be replaced, structural work to be done, bridge to be made, repair and refret the neck. Replacing the binding on the guitar had terrified any guitar repair person I took it to. After about 5 years I found you and after 8 months you gave me back a brand new 1971 Gretsch Country Gentleman. I had wanted one for about 15 years, now I have the best one. Thank you for taking on this project and thanks for your incredibly perfect workmanship."

 - Kirk Sanderson
  Sutton, ON


"Hi Rod:
Just thought I would drop a line. Now that I have been at home with my 'new' guitar, have had a chance to really try it out and put it through its paces as best as I can at least. All I have to say is WOW! It is everything you promised and more. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I am really looking forward to giving my Epiphone Les Paul the treatment so will see you in a couple of weeks for the appraisal.

Thank you once again Rod for a terrific job!

P.S. Even my wife commented on the great sound..... that is my captive audience LOL"

- W. McMullen   (re. Fender Squier)
  North Bay, ON


"Hi Rod,
It's been a few days since I've seen you. Wanted to start by apologizing for monopolizing so much of your time. When I got home I took the old girl out, played a bit, here and there, passed it around and didn't really have any real time until Friday, to actually play, instead of just noodle around. Also, I will be honest, I scoured your work up and down several times. You know when someone has you car and you get it back and the seat and radio are all adjusted funny? It was that feeling, for a day or two. I have to say I am very pleased, your workmanship and attention to detail is incredible, if it weren't for the fret wire size you could fool me into thinking the frets are original! Wow! Nice! They are dressed and finished perfectly, I can't put the damn thing down! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am forever grateful.
Very kind regards,"

- Al (re. Fender Tele)
  Ajax, ON


"Hello Rod,
I hope everything is going well for you, I imagine you are super busy. Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know I played my first gig with Larry and the band last evening and numerous people complimented me on the sound of the Guild that you worked on. It just sings. I let them know of yourself and the very fine work that you do and that I will be bringing my Martin up for a visit hopefully soon.

- Steve Majewski   (Larry Wilkes Band)
  Barrie, ON


"Hi Rod,
Thank you for the Born Again experience you have given my classic Gibson SJ guitar. I am very happy with the new awesome sound it has provided me since you preformed your magic. Dr Gibson has never let me down. When the world beats you down, it only takes a few songs on Dr Gibson to soothe the soul. The timing of Dr Gibson's return could not have been better. He provided the soothing therapy I needed for some current personal challenges.
Thank you again for your gifted workmanship."

- Robert (BoB) Preston
  Bracebridge, ON


"Hello Rod,
You can mention on your website that I brought in two guitars and left with those two guitars in so much better shape, it was like I traded them up!"

- Andy   (re. Martin D-1 and Martin D-28)
  Stirling, ON


"Hi Rod,
I would like you to post this on your testimonials for others to read. First and foremost I want to say to you my friend that you are a true master of your craft. Of all of the projects which I brought to you ( which I will detail ) only two had extremely sentimental value to me. My fathers B-12 Washburn Banjo and the 1984 L-78 Larrivee custom presentation.

I want all of those reading this to know that Rod is attentive to very fine detail, caring of your cherished instrument and extremely capable of any requested work. You will be assured 100 percent satisfaction !!!!

Projects which I entrusted to Rod are as follows:
Martin D-18 (Set up , New tuners & Pickguard)
Martin HD28V (Set up, Headstock repair & Neck crack repair)
Vintage Larrivee L-78 Custom Presentation (Total Restoration)
Washburn B-12 Banjo (Total Restoration)
Vintage Ibanez F style mandolin (Set up & repair)

Also I would like to thank you for living up to my praises when I referred my family members to come to you and have their instruments repaired. You know who they are !
Again Rod, Thank you !!! My instruments have never sounded or looked better.
Hope to see you and Carlotta @ Gfest."

- Steve Gonneau
  Wasaga Beach, ON


"Hi Rod,
Just wanted to let you know I've had several good sessions with the D45 and just love the way it plays and sounds! Great to have my guitar back structurally sound and looking great! It's a monster! Thanks."

- Richard Gulley   (1981 National Flatpicking Champion)
  Port Dover, ON


"Good Day Sir,
I am very pleased with the overall feel and sound out of my Custom Les Paul now. It feels so much better. The fret board is amazing. It's smooth and the frets really helped out with the tuning and playing ability. Now that the pick-ups are set properly, the treble is much more pronounced and I can get that low end crunch I was looking for through my Marshall Amp when I installed those 81/85 EMG's. It rocks hard and loud. I spent a good 2 hours playing it when I got it back home. It hits hard for the metal music such as Iron Maiden and Metallica but also just adjusting the volume and tone, I can get a great Jimmy Page sound out of it too for the old Zeppelin songs.

110% happy. You are highly recommended for anyone who asks me about my guitar set up. Thanks again, and I'm sure we'll be doing business in the future.
Best regards,"

- Ryan Clarke   (re. custom made electric guitar - Les Paul style, built by customer)
  Huntsville, ON


"Absolutly amazing
Giving life back to an instrument must be a very special feeling for you. For myself, I am awestruck. The playability is phoenominal, the tone is clean and clear and the look, absolutly beautiful. I am so pleased with the workmanship, and the distressing adds to its charm as a 70+ year old guitar. The controls are perfect in that they do not impede the look as would have knobs and switches. In my eyes Rod, you've outdone yourself. Dad is with me every time I pick it up. Thank you very much. As for the amp and mojoverb, you could not be more correct. The sound is warm and clean. All my guitars sound amazing through this system. I am very lucky to have met you my friend. You've inspired me to play more than ever.
I can't say thank you enough. I am more than pleased."

- Your friend, JP Maheu    (re. 1942 S.S. Stewart Archtop Jazz guitar)
  Sudbury, ON


"Hey Rod,
Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on my D16M and on Heather's D18V. Frets on my 16 are great now; the cracks in the side have not travelled any further, and the thing still sounds pretty good for a 16; lol. Heather's D18V is getting better every time it is played, the setup keeps her smiling while playing bar chords without tearing her fingers off. The guitar can even tolerate me playing it now; which was always a struggle. Since the HD28V acquisition, I have not played the 16 or the 18 much, but when I do they are a testament to what a Martin should be. Thank You for the superb job you did on both of these guitars. I will bring the 28 with me when I come for a visit, so you can give me your valued opinion on what you think could make it as spectacular as it should be. Thanks again Rod. See you soon."

- Jeff E Havens
  Cavan, ON


"Hey Rod,
Just wanted to pass on my compliments to the chef -- played my first gig with the Martin last night, and it was wonderful! Your set-up just made it a joy to play ... I can't put it down. I also flipped a toggle switch hidden deep under the volume control housing, and now the electronics are sounding much more pleasing. Thanks for such a great job!"

- John "Papa John" Witterick
  Novar, ON


"Hi Rod,
Just wanted to thank you for getting my D-18 up and running on short notice for the weekend. When you sit in with extremely talented bluegrass players who suddenly turn their heads when you make her bark, it is a true testament to your set up talents. Literally these guys can tell if you're sharp or flat from a mile away. When I shared the D-18 with the other guys they couldn't put it down and kept shaking their heads as to why this guitar sounds like it does. I know I have a keeper that will only get better once it opens up and I have you to thank for it. Also I would like to thank you for the attentiveness when I brought my other instruments in for repair and restoration. You truly listened and were sincere in regards to the sentimental value that they have with me. Again thank you and I am excited to see the restorations. See ya soon."

- Steve
  Wasaga Beach, ON


"Hi Rod,
I wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you did on the Martin both with the repair and the set up. It sounds better than ever. Maybe I'm just playing better! Thanks again. I really appreciate it.
Best regards,"

- Rob
  Bracebridge, ON



"When you ask a perfectionist to do a job for you, what you tend to get is just that, perfection. Thanks Rod."

- Glenn Bolder
  Rosseau, ON


"Thank you so much Rod for the restoration of my Guild D 50 guitar. I am truly astounded at the transformation. I did not think this guitar could sound and play this good. I remember being a little hesitant at going ahead with the job at first because of how much was involved. Am I ever glad I went ahead with it. Thank you as well for your recommendation to do a thorough job. I realize now the wisdom of that suggestion as I can now fully appreciate how all the parts come together in a guitar and interact to form a whole structure which can then come to life and speak, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It truly is a great investment and will bring me years of enjoyment and satisfaction. I am so happy. It's like a whole new beginning with this guitar again. Thank you for this!"

- Peter
  Bala, ON


"Hi Rod,
I couldn't let any more time go by without thanking you again for the work you did on my guitar. Now that I've had a chance to explore the tones coming out of this guitar... I can hardly believe it's the same guitar, and I liked the tone before. Best of all, it's so much easier to play now that the action is where I like it. I wanted to tell you, you did an outstanding job, I can't thank you enough.

- Craig
  Wasaga Beach, ON


"Hi Rod, I was admiring the additions to your website showing the repairs and restorations you have done since last I visited. It is truly impressive. I think of you every time I grab one of my guitars. I of course know they sound extremely good but most recently I had a couple of professional musicians drop by my place. They really enjoyed playing the guitars I took out. I got a good amount of work done in total on almost all the guitars I own and I am completely satisfied. It was worth every single penny. This is why I would never trust anyone but you with one of my babies.
Do you have any builds in the works or recent builds completed?
Take care Rod"

- Andre Guitard
  Sudbury, ON


"Hey Bud,
Just dropping a line to let you know how awesome my guitar sounds now. I had to change the saddle to my other higher one as I was getting too much buzz on my low E. The low one is perfect for finger picking but when I dig in with a flat pick, it just lights up the buzz. Even with the higher saddle, the action is 5/64 on the low E and about 4/64 on the high E. It plays great. The real bonus is with the higher frets it just snaps when you dig in on it. Sound on individual notes cuts much sharper than before. I just played it for about 3 1/2 hours and didn't want to put it down.
Needless to say - quite happy. Great job!
Talk to you soon,"

- Brent
  Roches Point, ON


"Hi Roddy!
How's it goin? Just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy with my axe (strat). I put it through a rigorous test run and it passed with flying colours. Feels and sounds great, thanks to you.
Take care, and see you down the road."

- Gerhard
  Midland, ON



"Hi Rod"
Thanks so much for breathing new life into my old guitar. The difference is like night and day and I love playing it again. And thanks also for taking the time to do a really thorough job. I am sure it will serve for many more years."

- R. Crawley
  Bala, ON


I wanted to thank you once again for restoring my Vantage (shown on your website). This was my first brand new guitar that I purchased, so it meant a lot to me to have it restored just right. The guitar once again plays like it is brand new and sounds amazing! It has been played at quite a few gigs since I picked it up a while ago and it once again is feeling the love she deserves!"
Thank you again!

- Brian Haynes
  Steam Whistle Brewing
Barrie, ON


"Hi Rod,
Just a note to thank you for your superb work assembling my 32" Warmoth bass guitar, the instrument plays like a dream, workmanship is impecable, keep up the good work.."

- Larry
  Sudbury, ON


"Hey Rod,
Thanks for the great work you did on my 1931 Martin. Excellent workmanship, great attention to detail. I was very surprised how it turned out. Craftsmen like yourself are hard to come by in this day and age of mass machine production. It's great to have someone like yourself that players can take their guitars to and get someone who really knows what they are doing. I have been I believe, to almost every guitar store in Ontario, my wife can would agree to that, and have been let down more times then I can count. You are finally someone who can fill the needs of players and not let anyone down. Thanks again and happy strumming.."

- Jesse Richard
  Producer, Recording Engineer, and Owner
  Jester's Recording Studio
  Barrie, ON


"Hey Rod:
I want to thank you for all the great work you did on my handcrafted guiter. The sound and the playing ability is more than I expected and repairs are top-notch!!! My friends are very impressed with the work you have done. I would not hesitate to give you my business again and I recommend your service to all of my friends.
Happy customer!
Thank you .."

- Mitch Dufresne
  Kapuskasing, ON


"Hi Rod,
I want to say thank-you for taking care of the electronics and wood requirements on my Bass. I had been to, and talked with, several sources for this type of work and realized that to find someone who was capable, and who cared, was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. I'm delighted to say I found that needle at Get Rhythm! Long story short...I am very glad to have had this work done by you. The results are no less than excellent.

The telling question however is "Would I use your services again?" The answer comes without hesitiation, "Most definitely!"

Thanks for taking the time to explain things before you did them, and for treating my guitar as if it was yours. It was a pleasure to deal with a person of integrity. Take care, and thanks again,"

- Jim
  Barrie, ON


"Hey Rod-----just thought I'd send ya a quick thank you ----Stella's great once again thanks to you---great playing her once again----it's like I'm not afraid to pick her up -----sometimes I can't put her down---hee hee---at least that's what the landlady says----THANK YOU---"

- Heamon
  Barrie, ON


"I must say before the time I had contacted and met Rod, I was an extremely frustrated "on the verge of giving up" guitarplayer guy who couldn't seem to get the required guitar repairservice as promised by various well known and acclaimed business establishments in the Toronto and GTA district. As an example in one such local, the chap I discussed the repairs with after waiting in a line-up was acting as liason, taking notes while making his own assessments, only to pass this info on later to someone else actually doing the repair work. 5 weeks later my $3,500 guitar still had the same problem. When I complained, the liason guy proceeded with a quick 5 minute fix-it operation which required glue & filing at no extra charge. Still not what I wanted. Suffice to say I told management I would forget they exist. Several other places I tried were similar. Big on promises and short on delivery. If the repair service is not adequate to start with, how can you bring your instrument back? Luckily after this I met Rod. Immediately during our talk I sensed that Rod was a genuine, forthcoming & caring fellow with a friendly demeanor that reminds one of an honesty relevant of days gone by. Meanwhile as I found out since, his workmanship and craft are second to none as witnessed with pleasure by the work performed on 2 of my instruments. Everything from replacing and filing the nut; milling a rosewood fingerboard; performing a refret and dress; set-up of a tremelo system and other set-up functions were executed with a professionalism and love of "doing it" such as I have not witnessed in all my 45 yrs. of playing. He is definitely on my shortlist if I need something in the future. I could go on but I gotta stop somewhere.

If anybody out there has had experiences like me, give Rod a call, the guy is awesome, and the real deal. Thanks Rod and good luck to you. You Rock man!

- Gerhard Dolgener
  Midland, ON


"I was looking for someone that was genuine and thorough when I needed to have my guitar set up. Not always easy to do in this age of big promises and failed delivery. Rod assessed my guitar and took the time to explain what it was he was about to do; as if it were his own guitar he was about to work on. As any hobby picker will attest, you value very few material things more than your instrument, which can make it all the more stressful when you have to leave it with someone for repairs. When I picked up my guitar after Rod had set it up, it was a new instrument. Everything was exactly were it was intended to be; the set up was inspirational. When I got it home I couldn't keep it out of my hands. Rod's bona fide passion for his profession was evidenced in the results he was able to achieve for me."

- Jamie Hopkins
  Bracebridge, ON


"Hi Mr. 'Repair Guitar Fabulously' Rod
Absolutely wonderful. Great action, and I like the strings, very bright but with gentle bass.
Thanks very much again"

- Steve
  Stayner, ON


"The level of service I received from Rod has been above and beyond my expectations. Rod took the time to email me promptly, and thoroughly detailed my options for a new acoustic pickup based upon my specifications. When compared to the "big box" competitors, who simply emailed a price, and a 'call for availablity', Rod clearly was the winner.
Imagine my surprise to open the box on my new pickup, and finding a hand-written note with additional installation instructions.

It's a pleasure to deal with some who's willing to go the extra mile, and clearly enjoys his craft. I look forward to dealing with him again.
Thanks Rod!"

- Mike Procyshyn,
  Kenora, ON


Just want to thank you for the excellent job you did restoring my 66 Strat. The guitar now feels and plays the way it was meant to. I can't remember it ever sounding so good and responding so well. The complete refret job combined with new tuners, nut, saddles, pots & 5-way switch, returned my cherished Strat to its former glory and at a cost I could afford. Meticulous attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is very evident in your work and I enjoyed our long discussions on guitar building and folklore. I am already referring you to my musical friends.
Thanks again for doing such a fine job!"

- G. Landry
  North Bay, ON


"Rod has worked on numerous high quality guitars for me, including a Gibson ES355, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster and a Taylor 814CE. Some guitars required repair of deep body scratches and dents, while others were completely repainted. He subsequently performed comprehensive setups on the guitars. I found Rod's work to be outstanding. He pays attention to minute detail and is not satisfied until the work has met his high standards of excellence. I am constantly receiving compliments on the cosmetic appearance and tone of these guitars."

- E.M. Guirguis
  Barrie, ON


"Hi Rod, I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that the Banjo is great. Thanks for the work you did."

- Ellen S.
  Farnham, Surrey UK


"Last year I needed someone to do major work on my Martin D16. After many phone calls no one could answer my pointed questions concerning the repair required. Finally called GET RHYTHM and after asking questions, with answers to my satisfaction, chose to have the work done in their shop. The work was done on-time, to my satisfaction and every step explained to me intelligently. After returning from a 5 month tour in Texas, the guitar performed as the day it left the shop. It averaged 20 hours playing time per week. Thanks Rod!"

- Gord
  Newmarket, ON


"After having a tuner on my '68 Gibson Byrdland come apart I wasn't sure what to do as finding an authentic replacement part was going to be next to impossible for a guitar over forty years old. After talking with Rod on the phone I brought my guitar to him and upon looking at the tuner he believed that it could be fixed. True to his word, Rod repaired the tuner in less than 48 hours and it looks as if nothing has ever been apart. Kudos to Rod for having the skill and knowledge to solve and fix such an unusual guitar problem for me."

- Todd
  Burk's Falls, ON